Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age criterion for my child?

  • Playgroup -----> 2 yrs onwards
  • Mont-I --------> 2 yrs 8 months onwards
  • Mont-II --------> 3 yrs 8 months onwards
  • Mont-III --------> 4 yrs 8 months onwards
  • (Note :- The age criteria is taken into account as of 30th May of the current academic year.)

What is the strength of each class?

Each class has 30 students with two trained teachers , where both share equal responsibility toward their class and two care takers.

What is the academic curriculum?

We provide integrated curriculum (Sarah Curriculum) which takes care of all six domains of early childhood education. Practical knowledge with day to day activity is provided. Well structured syllabus will be given to the parents on the first week of every month. A well documented feedback about child’s progress is shared with parents on monthly basis apart from PTM.

How are the caretakers?

The care takers are provided with uniform, they are well groomed and trained personnel.

What are the celebrations in the school?

As a reinforcement we have many celebrations like the colour day, animal day, salad day, puppet shows.One of our unique feature is the presentation day where every child is given an opportunity to present himself in the classroom with pre-selected topics. We celebrate all the festivals irrespective of religion.

What is the development of the child?

In Sarah we take care of the overall development i.e language, cognitive/intellectual, physical/ personal, aesthethic, soial/ moral and mathemathecial/ logical thinking skills.

What is the qualification of the teachers?

The teachers are well trained .They are caring, lovable, cheerful and friendly with the children.

Are there indoor and outdoor play areas?

We have both indoor and outdoor play areas that are child friendly.

How often is the Parent Teacher Meeting held?

The PTM is held three times a year. If it is necessary you can meet the teachers from 8.30a.m to 9.00a.m and after 12.00p.m with prior appointment.

Are there any field trips?

Yes, as field trips are not only lots of fun but it can also be very valuable learning experiences for young children.

What first aid facilities are available?

Basic first aid facility is available in the school. In case of emergency immediate medical attention is given by taking the kid to the nearby hospital with the parents consent.

Are there day care facilities?

Day care facilities are provided from 8.30a.m to 7.30p.m. There are teachers provided separately for specified age groups.

What are the holidays for day care?

Main holidays like

  • All national holidays
  • Christmas holidays one week
  • One week in May