Loving and caring environment is provided to get the sense of security which results in readiness to learn new things in children. Sarah Montessori offers a unique , age appropriate activity based curriculum to bridge the gap between the family and an outside world.


Integrated curriculum of SARAH is specifically designed to develop the social , emotional, physical, intellectual and aesthetic attributes in every student.
Age Criteria : 2.8yrs onwards in all the classes


With the help of comprehensive curriculum children at MONT2 level begin to focus and building a sense of self through awareness. Independence and self regulation becomes their milestones.
Age Criteria : 3.8yrs onwards in all the classes


The curriculum at this level helps in acquiring literacy, observational, analytical, reasoning and problem solving skills in children. With all round development offered in MONT3 children have easy transition from pre-primary to primary level
Age Criteria : 4.8yrs onwards in all the classes


We strive towards providing a safe and healthy day care space for children apart from a quality learning structure in the after school care program.

Some of the activities are: