Sarah Institute of Teachers’ Training

Sarah Institute of Teachers’ Training (SITT) offers an extensive 3-months training in Pre-primary School Curriculum and Teaching Methodology aiming at creating a new generation of teachers, who are passionate to work with young children. This course is designed to equip prospective teachers in developing innovative ideas and creative teaching material based on relevant theories on child development and latest teaching practices. Specific modules taught in this course are prepared in such a way that they equally caters to novices as well as experienced teachers, who would wish to improve upon their skills.

SITT – A commitment to the passion

It is well known that Sarah Montessori has left a benchmark in quality in imparting education over a decade. Though at the outset we were just teaching children, for us teaching was much more than that as we were trying to play an integral part in our children’s development. We wanted to be a catalyst for a change and, moreover, be the face of the change we would like to see in people. As we really wanted to deliver a model that people looked up to and envisioned a sustainable education system rooted in values.

During this process, we have been realizing that we should take up more responsibility to spread this message to the larger community to an extent that the message is well-heard by a larger spectrum of people within. The result is SITT – a teachers training institute that could impart the knowledge and skills that we have acquired over the years.


  • To provide the right kind of training to those, who are passionate about teaching.
  • To improve the quality of teachers, who are already in the field, however, lack necessary skills.
  • To instill professionalism among teachers, who devote themselves to the teaching profession.
  • To bring about a social change by spreading the message of 'quality teaching' through training.

Scope of the Course

  • Additional qualification for employability in schools.
  • Helps to identify issues related with children and handle them effectively at home.
  • Skill development and enhancement for people, who plan to start a preschool.
  • Opportunity to learn a scientifically grounded curriculum – developed over years.
  • Exposure to full-fledged preschool with adequate amount of hands-on experience.

Other highlights of the programme include

  • Well-known and highly experienced faculty.
  • Well prepared self-study material for reference.
  • Hands on training and practicals on relevant topics.
  • Innovative and interactive lectures & discussions.
  • Use of case studies, audio-visual presentations.
  • Exposure in a highly established Montessori school.